II Day ASAMMET-Metal Hard 2016

Appreciated colleagues,

From ASAMMET we are pleased to announce (the NEW DATE IN BRIEF), at La Universidad de La Rioja (Logroño), we will celebrate the II ASAMMET-Metal Hard Day, which we have designed as a 2nd edition of the successful day that was held in Barcelona two years ago. Once again, this activity aims to consolidate the space in which the main manufacturers, transformers and users of hard metal in our territory can share their experiences, concerns and news. More than 350 companies in the sector have been contacted for this day and a significant participation is expected from manufacturers of raw materials, cutting tool manufacturers, heat treatment specialists and coatings, as well as users of hard metal in all areas.

In this day, based on the sharing of experiences, from the knowledge and research carried out by the companies themselves and by various research groups, we hope to be able to answer the doubts and questions that may arise. The network of contacts, initiated in 2014, is consolidated as one of the main networks of users and applicators of hard metal in our country.

We encourage you to participate / attend, while this day will be, once again, an excellent occasion in which all the fields related to Hard Metal are mentioned today. The provisional agenda, pending the last details, is in the attached file, and registrations can be made on the following form.

The program will be updated regularly, including all the news related to the event.

Reduced membership fees !!

(The capacity of the day is limited and enrollment will be attended by a strict order of registration)

II Jornada ASAMMET-Metal Duro

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Luis M. Llanes Pitarch Luis M. Llanes Pitarch Director of the School of Engineering of Barcelona Este (EEBE) in his new Besós Campus, is Professor of the Department of Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering. Researcher at CIEFMA (Center for Structural Integrity and Material Reliability), he has a solid experience in the applied research of Hard Metal for more than a decade and is a regular collaborator of companies and technology centers.
Elena Gordo Elena Gordo She holds a PhD in Mining Engineering from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and is a Full Professor at the Universidad Carlos III in Madrid. She is in charge of the Powder Technology Group (GTP) at this university. He has more than 20 years of experience in research and teaching in the field of materials science, his specialty being the design of materials and their processing by powder technologies, in particular metal-ceramic materials (cermets base Fe), alloys of Titanium and special steels.
M. Núria Salán M. Núria Salán Professor at the Department of Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering at the UPC. Director of COMPOLAB in Terrassa, and Researcher at CIEFMA (Center for Structural Integrity and Materials Reliability), Luis Llanes' regular collaborator in research projects in the field of Hard Metal. She has been Secretary of ASAMMET since her constitution and is also President of the Catalan Societat de Tecnologia (branch of the Institut d'Estudis Catalans).
Francesc Montalà Francesc Montalà Technical Director of FLUBETECH, is also a professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the UPC (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya), specialized in the selection and treatment of metallic materials. He has focused his professional activity on the heat treatments of steels and nowadays on the thin layer coatings (PVD) in the Production, Commercial and R & D departments of Flubetech, of which he is currently Technical Director.
Francesc Borrego Francesc Borrego Technical Director of S.A. METALOGRÀFICA and Vice-President of ASAMMET. Graduated in Chemical Sciences with the specialty of Metallurgy from the University of Barcelona, Francesc Borrego compiles his position as Vice-president of ASAMMET, Friends of Metallurgy Association, with his work from the Technical Direction of S.A. Metalogràfica-Tractaments Tèrmics. Founded in 1949, this company specializes in the Thermal Treatment of tools, molds, dies, gears and serial parts of all kinds of materials in vacuum furnaces.
Miquel Jiménez Hard Metal Rods-Amateur Group Rods. Company dedicated to the design and manufacture of die-cutting for metal cutting and deformation, making of die-cut and tooling, for metal containers. Since the middle of the last century this company has been striving to produce equipment and machinery related to precision in cutting and die machining, ensuring a clean and accurate finish.
Wouter Demeyere CERATIZIT GROUP  
Javier Uyarra Suministros Industriales OJA  
Xavier Cullell  
Javier Gracia  
Jesús Bozal Jesús Bozal Technical and Commercial Manager of CROMOVA ACEROS Y TRATAMIENTOS S.L. And of DOERRENBERG THERMAL TREATMENTS S.L. With technical training as Technical Chemical Engineer and Technical Metallurgical Engineer, he began his career as a collaborator in the Metallurgical Department of Altos Hornos de Vizcaya, and later as responsible as Technical Director and Development of CIA Española de Ballestas, S.A. Currently, Bozal is Technical and Commercial Manager of Cromova Aceros y Tratamientos, S.L. And Doerrenberg Thermal Treatments, S.L throughout the Spanish geography. These two companies, located in Navarra, have a chemical and metallurgical laboratory for which Jesus is responsible. Basically, Bozal has directed his professional career to advise those customers who needed and required technical support in the execution of the different process operations in the preparation of tools, and in the assimilation and application of new steels that have broken into the market.